The second stage to overcome obstacles «Flying Horse Cup» | Country park-hotel complex "Equides Club"

Summarizing the top places that the Equides team won can be summarized as follows:


In a route 80 cm high among children, Kravchenko Bozhena on Quinn took the third position. In the open class route of 90 cm, Ekvides took the top three: 1st place – Evgeny Okorokov on Barbus, 2nd place – Paly Sergey and Fire Wall, 3rd place – Kravchenko Bozhena and Quinn. In the meter-long route among the children, Ukhaneva Ekaterina and Nelson won the victory, and among the amateurs Daria Matvienko won on Calderon PKZ. In the route height of 125 cm, Sold Alexander and Crystal Sky took silver, and Pilipenko Michael and Dzador PKZ – bronze. Mikhail on the horse named Chaco Cento took the second place in the route 135 cm high.


In the route for children 80 cm high, Stolar Sophia and Fire Voll won silver. In the open class, 90 cm high, Stolar Polina won on a horse named Eduser, Stolar Sophia and Fire Voll took bronze. Among the children, in the meter-long route, Ekaterina Ukhaneva and Nelson took second place, and Konshin Evgeny and Khazbulat third. Among amateurs in this route Daria and Calderon PKZ won Matvienko. In the open class of the meter, Sergey Paly won a horse named Apolochikol.

On this day, team competitions were also held as part of the PEL. Prizes were distributed as follows:

Flying Stars (Konstantin Tveritin, Oleg Ostrikov, Evgeny Indyushkin)
KL Empire (Martynova Xenia, Korh Alexandra, Zolin Konstantin)
Equides Elite Team (Shamborska, Brovdi Allen, Boyarko Konstantin)
In the route of the open class, 135 cm high, the winners were Boyarko Konstantin and Jeremy Winsre, and the silver was won by Pilipenko Mikhail on a stallion named My Plezhe.


In a route 90 cm high among children, Ivchenko Catherine and Bondano Darko won, Zhevago Olesya and Barbus took bronze. Among the participants of the open class of this route, Xenia Martynova and PKZ Jackpot took silver. In the meter route among children, Konshin Eugene and Khazbulat took second place, and among amateurs in this class Daria Matvienko and Calderon PKZ won.

In the route of the Grand Prix height of 140 cm, the top three were:

Zolin Konstantin and Valmi
Pilipenko Michael and Chaco Cento
Vladimir Bykov and Venice
In the route for children 110 cm high, Ukhaneva Ekaterina and Nelson won silver. In the route of 130 cm in height for horses of 7-8 years as part of the PEL, Ekvides again took the top three: 1 place – Ershova Anastasia and Anderkaver, 2 place – Boyarko Konstantin and Adel, he also took the third place on the horse named Mei Day. In the open class of 130 cm, the winner was Mikhail Pilipenko at Jador PKZ.

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