Презентация эксклюзивной программы по вольтижировке | Country park-hotel complex "Equides Club"
25.10.19 Конферен – холл Chalet Equides 18:00 – начало
Why do you and your child need this?

· Affordable start in equestrian sport from scratch;
· Comprehensive physical development;
· Great balance in the saddle;
· Endurance, flexibility, coordination of movements and grace;
· Creative approach and artistry;
· Reducing injuries when falling from a horse or force majeure situations;
· Safe and comfortable working out of skills in a condition of sport. the hall;
· The opportunity to participate in the Championship of Ukraine and in international tournaments as early as 2020.

Free admission!

More information by phone:  050 465 90 54

All of the above and a host of advantages are VOLTAGE.
No age restrictions!