Квест игры
Quest game

QUEST includes 8 stages to choose from (program duration is 2 hours), from the tasks presented below with the following activities:

1. Riding a quad – water transportation in a glass from point A to point B

2. Archery – the result

3. Shooting a crossbow – on the result

4. Shooting a pneumatic weapon – the result

5. Throwing knives and axes – the result

6. Skiing – some mega-skis for the whole team, for the result

7. Mega-volleyball – a big ball volleyball, on the result

8. Labyrinth – the whole team, blindfolded (except for the navigator), must pass through the labyrinth under the guidance of the navigator, without the help of words, on the result

9. Vodogon – participants carry water in a bucket on stretch marks from point A to point B, to the result

10. Cobweb – the passage through the cobweb, without touching the web, on the result

11. Mega-Tower – the construction of a tower of bars (game Genga on a large scale), the result

12. Group coordination – each participant holds the pole with one hand, the team stands in a circle, at the command of the captain, you need to move your hand to the neighbor’s pole in front, for the result.

13. Staircase – you need to go up the living staircase as far as possible (the participants in turn must go up the living staircase, creating it themselves using wooden bars)

14. Bicycle – riding a mountain bike with a blindfold, the team insures on the result with the help of rope stretch marks

15. Walking on stilts – team members alternately must go on stilts, on the result

16. Free fall * – one of the participants rises to a hill (2 m), the other participants stand at the bottom and with the help of a plexus of hands, under the guidance of an instructor, must catch the participant falling in a free fall.

17. Walking on a hanging rope – participants should alternately walk on a hanging rope, teammates insure.

18. Foot-to-foot – group task to overcome obstacles with connected, in a certain way, legs – to the result

19. Dart throwing – on the result

20. Orientation on the terrain – the team is given a compass and a hint with which participants must find marks on the trees and follow a certain route to the specified point.

21. Labyrinth (log) – team members must move the log on the wheel through the maze only with the help of rope stretch marks, for a result

22. Seagway – participants must alternately travel on a segway along a specific route, to the result.

23. Encryption – can be as a separate task, as well as used after each task.

The task for the teams is to go through all the steps and tasks, after each task is completed, the team receives either a map or a requisite for the next task, or the next task. Each team is assigned an instructor who accompanies the team throughout the QUEST. All tasks are built on team building, the formation of team spirit and the manifestation of leadership skills. According to the results of the passage of all stages 1, 2, 3 places are determined (awarding with medals, cups, diplomas – paid additionally).

At the request of the client, it is possible to develop an individual program!