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Face and body care services

Visits to the spa are by prior arrangement!

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Face and body care services

Face care programs

«Moisturizing and toning» – the skin is saturated with oxygen, with the help of which the complexion is improved, the signs of fatigue are eliminated, the skin looks delicate and fresh.

«Lifting effect» – the procedure is based on an alginate mask, which restores tone and elasticity, giving the effect of tightening and rejuvenation of the skin of the face.

«Cleansing and nutrition» – evens the tone of the face, moisturizes and deeply nourishes the skin, resulting in a visible effect of rejuvenation.

Facial massage + Care of Oxygen Botanicals – a procedure that increases blood circulation and microcirculation in the tissues, improves cellular metabolism. When exposed to the muscles of the face, the tone and elasticity increase, a lifting effect is observed. Recommended course to achieve the best effect 10 treatments.

Body care and restoration programs

Whiskey swaddling AromaDerm

Means of complex struggle with overweight and cellulite deformation of body contours, combines high efficiency of body correction with rejuvenating effect. Stimulates the metabolism and energy exchange of the cell and the organism as a whole, increasing the productivity of metabolism. It is recommended to include a comprehensive facial.

Detox wrap

The procedure helps to cleanse the body, improve skin elasticity, eliminate edema, reduce weight and appetite, stimulates drainage systems and excretory functions, has a rejuvenating effect.

Thermoactive anti-cellulite wrapping

The procedure is aimed at cleansing and detoxification of the body, with the passage of an optimal course of 5-8 procedures, there is a persistent decrease in body volume and cellulite, weight loss, normalization of metabolism, increased tissue elasticity, restoration of skin turgor

Lifting wrap

Complex effects of manual massage techniques and professional cosmeceuticals to achieve the best result.

Spa program “Magic of the Dead Sea”

The program includes rituals for relaxing the body, cleansing, an algal and mud based mask is used, which prevents the development of aging processes and the accumulation of weight, improves the condition and stimulates skin regeneration, improves vitality, and relieves chronic fatigue. It is recommended to include a comprehensive facial.

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Visits to the spa are by prior arrangement!

tel. 0950010350

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В 15 минутах от Крещатика, в живописном месте на берегу озера, расположился новый конный клуб семейного типа «Equides Club». Наш конный клуб, расположен на огромной территории в 16 га на живописных холмах и полях. Здесь раздолье для аматорских прогулок верхом, а так же отличные условия для спортивных тренировок. В клубе созданы все условия комфорта для отдыха всей семьей.